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Please note that any course can be customized to your company needs.

Word Basics
(3-4 hours) – Create a new document; edit text; undo/redo; select text; format font; change case; highlight text; use mini-toolbar; use paragraph tools; copy/paste; use SmartTags; check Spelling & Grammar; Use AutoCorrect; Save a document; Change orientation & margins; Preview & Print document; open existing documents; use Help; understanding views.

Word Intermediate
(4 hours) – Use Navigation Pane; Advanced Views; pagination; hyphenation; insert page numbers; use Thesaurus; Find & Replace; Sort lists; insert current date/time; insert manual page break; create a Drop Cap; Use Go To; Templates; Options; Envelopes & Labels; bullets & numbering; indent text; Show/Hide command; insert pictures and format pictures; insert & format shapes; insert Screenshot; insert & format SmartArt.

Word Envelopes, Labels, & Mail Merge
(1-3 hrs.) – Learn how to use Mail Merge for labels, letters, envelopes, or email. Merge your list of names and addresses to labels, envelopes, or documents.

Word Tables, Tabs, Columns, & Section Breaks
(3 hrs.) Create and edit a table, merge and split cells; resize a table; prevent rows from splitting across a page; repeat headings on each page; customize table formats; use auto-numbering in cells; align a table on a page; split a table; sort data within a table; convert a table to text; set tab stops and leaders to align text; insert multiple columns and column breaks; insert/remove section breaks.

Word Advanced Formatting Tools
(3 hrs.) Styles and Themes give your documents a professional look. Use Styles to apply formatting to words or paragraphs (character, paragraph, & linked); use Quick Style sets; apply themes; customize themes; modify a style; restrict formatting; create a Table of Contents using styles; Insert Quick Parts (Autotext, document properties, Building Blocks); create your own Quick Parts to save time when reusing previously formatted material.

Create Forms in Word & Excel
(3-4 hrs.) Create Excel & Word Forms using Content Controls (text control, drop-down list and combo box, date picker, building block control, check box, and picture control) and Legacy tools (text box, check box, drop-down box). Setup simple calculations in Word. Modify properties of a form. Protect a Document for form completion.

Track Changes in Word & Excel
(3 hrs.) WORD: Turn on Track Changes in a document; Insert comments; Choose how revisions display; show or hide comments or tracked changes; Merge several documents containing track changes; delete comments; print with or without markup; compare the differences between two documents that don’t contain track changes. EXCEL: Track changes in a shared workbook; highlight changes as you work; accept and reject changes; view the History of changes; prevent change tracking from being removed.

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