Microsoft Windows

win 7 s

What’s new in Windows 10?
(2-4 hrs.) – This course covers the new features in Windows 10 such as Tiles; Cortana; Action Center; Microsoft Edge; Task View; Changes to Photos; File Explorer; File History; Windows Store; Recovery; and much more. This course can be customized to cover business application only.

Windows Basics
(4 hours) – Customize the task bar, start menu. Move/copy/delete files. Screensavers; Change mouse pointers / system resolution; Manage folders; Resize windows; view multiple windows concurrently. Edit “Power” options. View system properties. Arrange desktop icons. Run disk defragmenter.

Where’s My Data?
(2 hours) – Create folders; move/organize files using Windows Explorer; use the search tool to find files, various methods for opening files; create shortcuts.

What’s New in Windows 7
(1-2 hrs.) – Learn about the new features available in Windows 7 such as the Snipping Tool, new search features, Libraries, Pinning files and programs, Aero features, Sticky notes, Taskbar changes, Gadgets, and much more!

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