Microsoft Publisher

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Please note that any course can be customized to your company needs.

Publisher Basics
(2 hrs.) – Create a flyer using wizards, learn parts of the Publisher screen, modify, move and resize graphics, customize personal information, save, retrieve and print the flyer

Publisher Free Form
(2-4 hrs) – Create a flyer from scratch, insert, resize and align text boxes, insert graphics, lines and logos, work with lines, shapes and borders, use layout guides, create and modify bulleted lists, insert symbols, change text color and add text effects, use WordArt, create hyperlinks and email the publication

Publisher Postcards
(2-4 hrs.) – Create a postcard using wizards, examine pages, create a list of names and addresses in Publisher, merge the names onto the postcard, customize the delivery address and return address, sort and filter the postcards, apply categories to the list.

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