Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Basics
(4 hrs.) – Open an existing presentation; create a new presentation; choose a layout; add a slide; add a theme; use templates; insert slides from other presentations; enter and format data on slides; create & edit a chart; insert SmartArt; Convert bullet text to SmartArt; insert pictures; manipulate objects; insert WordArt; Work with views (Normal view, slide sorter view, notes page, reading view; slide show view, slide master); animate text and objects with preset animation scheme; apply transitions to slides; change theme colors; change background styles; navigate in normal view and slide show view; save a presentation, PowerPoint Show, or PDF/XPS; Print a presentation.

PowerPoint Advanced
(4 hrs.) – Use the Slide Master; Create custom slide layout; import a Word Outline; Create a Hyperlink; Embed a file; use Excel charts in PowerPoint; create Custom Animation; Animate a chart; record voice narration; insert sounds or music; insert/edit video; organize with sections; edit header/footer; customize a slide show; create a photo album; using presentation tools; make changes to a handout master; share a presentation via the internet.

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