Introduction to Computers


Computer Basics
(3 hrs.) – This course is designed for the person who is not familiar with the computer. Topics include powering up a computer; network login; using the mouse; using the Start Menu; opening programs, files, and window options; using Windows Explorer & My Computer; selecting text, icons, and options; change desktop background; arrange the desktop; recycle bin; customizing the taskbar; pinning programs; create folders; create shortcuts; and log off/shut down procedures.

Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer Basics
(2 hr.) –- Use the browser to save and organize Favorites; use History; Set Home page; set internet options; move forward and back to other pages or websites and basic searching.

Internet Advanced Searching
(1 hr.) – Learn how search engines work and how to narrow your search to find what you want in less time!

Microsoft Paintpaint s

Microsoft Paint Basics
(1 hr.) – Modify Photos, use the Image Menu to explore special effects, use the drawing toolbar, add a text box, clone a portion of the image, save the photo.

Working with Photos

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Digital Cameras
(2 hrs.) – Understand the parts of the digital camera, take photos, change settings, download photos into the computer, view photos in different ways, examine photo resolution and file size.

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